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“Online Business Cheat Sheet”


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This step-by-step training will stop the overwhelm and frustration of trying to get all the pieces of the puzzle in place to have a thriving business online.  One that leverages the power of the internet, builds your credibility, expands your reach bringing you more clients and more business regularly!


online business cheat sheet step-by-step training course

I get it!  I know how frustrating it is trying to figure out all this online, ranking, SEO, blogging, social media stuff because I’ve lived it.


Why did I create Online Business Cheat Sheet? (aka OBCS)

OBCS was born out of, shall we say… a bit of frustration (that’s a kind way of putting it, hah!!). I have a sales consulting business, which I wanted to expand online, and talk about overwhelm – geez…

I had no idea there was such a huge learning curve. I had plenty of emails hitting my inbox telling me how easy it was to set up my website and market my business online, and plenty of companies offering their services or their training.

There was so much information to know, so many steps to take, and a ton of new language – hosting, platforms, SEO, widgets, H-tags, embedding,

UGH, no wonder why 98.7 % of new business owners say that the tech is the number one thing preventing them from expanding their business online.

The further I got into it the more frustrated I became. Sound familiar? I wasn’t alone. 

Many of my peers were also experiencing the same kind of overwhelm and eventually we’d find that it was so much easier to slip back to the old familiar way of offline sales and marketing…

…throwing your arms up in frustration, even though what you are really hoping for is a way to build a successful business with a fully functioning website and streamlined, automated marketing system.

I took a ton of courses, but funny thing – it seemed that every training I took only gave me a piece of the puzzle and that is exactly what stops most people from forging ahead, not having all the elements necessary to make it all work… 

efficiently, effectively – like an extension of you!


There’s an incredible power with the Internet and I wanted to learn how to leverage that power so that I was not just trading hours for dollars. I wanted to build a scalable, sustainable business and I wasn’t the only one. Yet…over and over again the same issues came up:

How do you create a business online that…

  1. Is easy to setup without needing an army of scientists, a web developer, a designer and a psychiatrist!
  1. Has systems in place that actually streamline and automate the online process.
  1. Gets found in the search engines
  1. Attracts your ideal clients
  1. Actually works without sacrificing your sanity.


After many courses, plenty of trial and error and a whole lot of run around I decided it was time to jump off the hamster wheel of frustration and create a step-by-step course that simplified the process of building a business online.


Now here is the thing

…what I know from personally taking  my consulting business online, building a content and social media marketing company and creating an online guide in the corporate travel industry is that there is a way to simplify the entire process of building your business online and leveraging the true power of the Internet.


Flash forward….I finally had my systems in place, online and….ready, drum roll please, successfully bringing me business – regularly.


A little secret, I’m by no means a techie. Just ask my children; I always need their help to work the TV remote!

But…I now have a digital publication specific to the hospitality industry which attracts advertisers such as Marriott, Hilton, and JDV Hotels. I also have a content development company and a sales and marketing consulting business.  Did it take some time? Absolutely! Did I get overwhelmed? Absolutely!

There was nothing I could find that gave me an honest introduction to all the tools that were necessary, I’d get bits and pieces but not everything in a simple, practical easy to follow system that would help me get there.

Sure I could hire a web developer, and I did, but was my site fully optimized – I mean really working for me to help build my credibility and truly expand my reach online?

Is your site working for you?

Take a good look at your own site  (if you have one)

  • Is it fully optimized?
  • Is it leveraging the power of the internet?
  • Are your systems streamlined?
  • Does it allow you to work more efficiently?

Most sites are not. That’s because there is no regulatory commission on web development, which means you may not be getting all the pieces of the puzzle to really make your business stand out online.

Have you ever noticed the discrepancy in pricing between web development companies – it’s HUGE!

The funny thing is you can set up your own website in an afternoon, yes REALLY an afternoon.  The hardest part is creating the content (optimized content, that is) to fill your site, but…don’t fret I show you exactly how to quickly create content even if you HATE to write!

I created this course, to simplify the entire process of building your website and presence online, so you can reach more clients, make more sales and get on with the business of living!

And…the best part…

You can forget about those “nothing but theory or fluff” tactics that leave you feeling  overwhelmed and frustrated.

Instead you’ll learn the proven system that takes you step-by-step through the complete online system setup:

  • Shows you how to set-up and customize your website (or change out your theme) so you attract the attention of Google and get found in the search engines!
  • Gives you the exact tools (and shows you how to set them up – we do not leave you stranded here) to create a fully functional website with all the bells and whistles in place so we can put your site to work for you!
  • Provides you with a strategy to reach, build trust and connections with your ideal clients so you can build credibility within your industry, and attract more clients. I also show you tricks of the trade and share marketing tips that will quickly help you build credibility within your industry and expand your platform.
  • Quickly create content – YES! I show you how to quickly create content for your site … even if you HATE to write!
  • Effective marketing techniques – You’ll know how to market without an “in-your-face” approach!
  • Promote without sounding braggadocios or just plain sales-y.
  • Automate the process – We’ll put your entire marketing system on autopilot, so you can focus on what’s important to you, after all isn’t that why you wanted to build a thriving business??


If you are just starting out, or already have a business (offline or online) or if you’ve wanted to build a business online, you’ll quickly learn AND put the absolute key items in place that you need to create a thriving business online.

Even some of my multimillion-dollar clients paying so-called ‘experts’ didn’t have these steps down.

But…. they do now, and …so will you!

Even if you hate writing, marketing and promotion – you will love this system.



What’s included?

Here’s what you get:


Six Modules of Over-the-Shoulder, Step-by-Step Video Instruction – no joke this is a paint by numbers system!


Module 1: Website Basics - getting your site online

In this module we go through the initial steps of getting your website online:

  • Choosing a domain
  • Connecting it to hosting
  • Installing a website template



Module 2: Customizing Your Website

Video 1: This is where the fun begins – we’ll customize your website to make it uniquely yours:

  • Customize the template
  • Choose colors
  • Add navigation tabs
  • Customize the layout
  • Upload a logo


Video #2: How to create a logo – for free!

In this counterpart to Customizing your Website, you’ll learn how to quickly create a logo that you can use right now!

  • No waiting for designers
  • No fretting over what colors to use
  • No worrying about what your design should be…after all it’s free.
  • No wasted time – don’t let the fact that you don’t have a logo hold you up…we’ll get it done in this video. You can always change it and…down the road when you have a bit more clarity and know what you want your logo to be…then you can hire a designer, but for now we’re going to get it done!
Module 3: Connecting Site Tools

In this module we’ll add the tools that will help put your site to work for you:

  • Install & configure plug-ins
  • Add widgets
  • Add social share links
  • Enhance our site
Module 4: Targeted Marketing

Module 4 is key to the success of your website.  In this module we’ll learn how to get seen in the search engines and reach your ideal client:

  • Do keyword research
  • Optimize your site & content
  • Target your ideal client
  • Use keywords to get ranking
  • Begin About page & first blog post with keywords


Module 5: Adding & Optimizing Content and Images

Another module crucial to your success online! In this module we’ll start adding content, images and video to our site and learn how to work with headlines. We’ll also optimize our site, images and content (this is key):

  • Content upload
  • H1, H2, H3 tags (and why they’re so important)
  • Continue optimizing content
  • Image upload, optimization and linking
  • Video upload & optimization


Module 6: Connecting an Autoresponder

In this module will add the most significant piece of the puzzle – the relationship builder, the marketing arm, the must have component to your website:

  • We’ll connect an autoresponder
  • Add an opt-in form to our website
  • Create a value-based lead magnet
  • Promote our site
  • Create our first newsletter


and yes, there is more!


5 Highly Informative Bonuses!

Bonus 1 - Quickly Create Content ...even if you HATE to write!

This downloadable PDF guide will have you on the fast track to creating content – even if you HATE to write. The good news is that you don’t have to write all of your content, there are many ways to fill your blog and site with consistent compelling content and you’re going to discover each of those ways in this highly informative guide.



Bonus 2 - Monetizing Your Website

Learn how to monetize your site – even if you don’t have a product or service of your own. There are 3 primary ways to optimize your website this bonus module takes you through each one and shows you how to monetize your site.



Bonus 3 - Create Professional Covers

Create professional looking covers – Need a lead magnet cover but don’t want to spend time and money on a graphic designer? No problem, this bonus module has you covered.  We’ll create a professional looking covers in minutes!



Bonus 4 - Tools of the Trade

Resources to make the process easier – You’ll learn tricks the pros use such as; How to choose a color palette for your site, how to create a call to action button, and how to access to plenty of free stock images!




Bonus 5 - Private FB Group Ongoing Training

Need support or have a question – stay on track and get all the support and answers you need, along with regular updates to ensure your success!

Is This Course Right For You?


You've taken a dozen courses all promising to help you build your presence online...but they seem to be missing one thing - the training!! When you are just done with the hype, the fluff, the up-sells and want real facts, real systems and real step-by-step training that gets it done!


SEO, FB, tweets, snap chat, lead magnet, opt-in, opt-out, ugh HELP! My oh my, you've aged just trying to keep up!


You are a bright person, c'mon admit it you're bright. Then why the heck do you feel so frustrated, overwhelmed and..well, a bit crazed when it comes to all this tech stuff.


That makes it easy to get your business working successfully online.

Complete & connected, with the tools and systems in place to sing your praises, expand your business and bring more clients!


Will I have to buy other items besides the course in order for this to work?

You will have to purchase a domain and hosting (if you currently do not have either).  Plan on about  $1.00 – $10.00 USD for a domain (one time fee) and about $5.00 – $10.00 USD per month for hosting.

You will also need an autoresponder, these run about $10.00 – $20.00 USD per month depending on the service you choose.  MailChimp has a free service you can easily get started with. (We go through options in Module #6).


Do I need to know coding or how to do analytics?

No, absolutely not. This course is designed to be user friendly and easy to follow.

If I get stuck, is there a support desk or a contact number?

Yes, absolutely there is a contact email along with a contact form and a weekly Q&A session – we want you to succeed!

I don't have a lot of time to learn something new, how long will this take?

Each module is between 20 – 40 minutes long. You will probably need to plan an hour to go through each module, especially since you may stop, rewind or pause to get things in place.

The amount of time will vary depending on how much time you decide to spend on customizing your site and creating content.  I included the guide showing you just How to Quickly Create Content…Even if you HATE to Write.  My suggestion is that you review that guide prior to module #5, as we will be working with content in that module.

What if I decide the program is not for me?

You are covered.  I offer a 30-day back money guarantee. I’m confident you’ll enjoy and learn techniques that will grow your business.

Sounds Good – How Do I Get Started?

As soon as you purchase you’ll be emailed a unique username and password so you can access the entire course. All modules are digital and downloadable.  And your bonuses have been pre-loaded for you.


– Lifetime access and login 24/7 (it is all digital & downloadable so you can login to access the content & download the course and take it on the go with you as well)

– Content is available to stream or download in video (.MOV) and downloadable guide (.PDF) ready for you to go through at your own pace.

Step-by-step instructions are also located below each module.



– (6) Detailed step-by-step modules

– (5) Limited Time Bonus sessions

– Downloadable PDF guides

– The ebook – How to Quickly Create Content even if you HATE to Write!

– Access to weekly Q&A Student Support Sessions


As the course grows over time, you’ll be grandfathered in at the current price and you’ll never pay a penny for updates to the course (like the book mentioned above, for example). You’ll also get lifetime access to the materials without having to pay extra.

30 Day Guarantee Boom!

We Offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

No questions asked, (well we may ask what we could do to improve the course), but we’re so sure you’re going to enjoy these videos and we know if you follow each step – you will have a fully functional site and business once and for all!


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I’m going to show you exactly how to set up your business online so it actually works!

No fluff, no hype. Just proven, ethical, and easy-to-follow steps and marketing techniques that will:

Get your site and business up and running

Put all the bells and whistles in place

Build your credibility

Boost your visibility online

Put you in direct control of your success

Kim Kelley Thompson

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One-Time Pay
$467 one-time

Grab the savings with a one-time payment option

Lifetime Access
Full Details
6 Monthly Payments
$87 every 30 days for six months

Start today with the 6-month payment plan

6 Pay Option
Full Details

Zero Risk | 30 Day Guarantee

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