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I get it!


I know how frustrating it is trying to figure out all this online, ranking, SEO, blogging, social media stuff because I’ve lived it.  I started my first venture into the world of online because I was looking for a way to expand my sales consulting business online but talk about overwhelm – geez…I had no idea there was such a huge learning curve.

I had plenty of emails hitting my inbox telling me how easy it was to set up my website and market my business online, and plenty of companies offering their services or their training.

But, the further I got into it the more frustrated I became.  

There was so much information to know, so many steps to take, and a ton of new language – hosting, platforms, SEO, widgets, H-tags, embedding –  ugh no wonder why 98.7 % of new business owners surveyed say that the tech is the number one thing preventing them from expanding their business online.

I get it, I was the same way.  It’s so much easier to slip back to the old familiar way of offline sales and marketing and throw your arms up in frustration, even though what you are really hoping for is a way to build a successful business with a fully functioning website and streamlined, automated marketing system.

I took a ton of courses, but funny thing – it seemed that every training I took only gave me a piece of the puzzle and that is exactly what stops most people from forging ahead, not having all the elements necessary to make it all work  – and work efficiently, effectively – like an extension of you!

Flash forward a couple of years and I finally had my systems in place, online and….ready, drum roll please, successfully bringing me business – regularly.

I developed a digital publication specific to the hospitality industry which attracts advertisers such as Marriott, Hilton, JDV Hotels and generates business for my event company, KimKelleyProductions. That process is called content marketing, it’s what led to the creation of my online marketing company and entrepreneur resource “HUB”,

Did it take some time? Absolutely!

Did I get overwhelmed?  Absolutely!

There was nothing I could find that gave me an honest introduction to everything necessary to build a simple but effective website along with a practical easy to follow system that would help me get there.

Sure I could hire a web developer, and I did, but was my site fully optimized – I mean really working for me to get noticed?  Take a good look, most sites are not. There’s so many companies popping up daily saying they can create, host and SEO your website, but have  you ever noticed the discrepancy in pricing between web development companies – it’s HUGE!  And, they are certainly not all created equal.

When I first started searching for someone to help build my website, I received price quotes that ran anywhere from $500 to $3500 – for the exact same work – WHAT??  That’s crazy! And, it hasn’t changed, I guarantee if you make a few phone calls you’ll find the same thing.

Ask what exactly they mean by SEOing your website.  Sure there are some back office things that can be done, but the reality is that YOU must be responsible for understanding how to reach your ideal client. You are the one that will be ultimately building the connection with that client whether it be through your website content or your social media.  The key to the Internet is that it is a personal medium.  Most people get this wrong.  They treat it as if it’s an impersonal medium like TV.  But that’s wrong.  People can connect with you online. they can leave comments, connect via social media – it’s personal and it’s all about engagement.

I created this course, to simplify the entire process of getting your website and business presence online.

I show you – NOT TELL – but actually SHOW YOU with over-the-shoulder, screen sharing video training just how to:

  • Create a website  (if you already have a website, I show you how to fully Optimize it).
  • Reach your ideal client.
  • Create and add content, images and videos.
  • Set-up a complete marketing system with lead magnets, opt in forms, sales funnels and an email system so…

…you can finally cut through all the frustration and overwhelm, create your dream business, and have it running successfully online.  Check out the complete course content.

Is there a learning curve – sure, like anything new there’s always going to be a learning curve.  My goal, though, was to make that learning curve as effortless as possible, so you’ll have never have an excuse to give up. YOU CAN DO THIS and believe me it is well worth it!

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