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This step-by-step training will stop the overwhelm and frustration of trying to get all the pieces of the puzzle in place to have a thriving business online.  One that leverages the power of the internet, builds your credibility, expands your reach bringing you more clients and more business regularly!

I get it!  I know how frustrating it is trying to figure out all this online, ranking, SEO, blogging, social media stuff because I’ve lived it.


Why did I create Online Business Cheat Sheet? (aka OBC)

OBC was born out of, shall we say… a bit of frustration (that’s a kind way of putting it, hah!!). I have an event production company, which I wanted to expand online, and talk about overwhelm – geez…

I had no idea there was such a huge learning curve. I had plenty of emails hitting my inbox telling me how easy it was to set up my website and market my business online, and plenty of companies offering their services or their training.

There was so much information to know, so many steps to take, and… a ton of new language – hosting, platforms, SEO, widgets, H-tags, embedding, plug-ins. I felt like I was just learning to read.

UGH, no wonder why 98.7 % of new business owners say that the tech is the number one thing preventing them from expanding their business online.

The further I got into it the more frustrated I became.

Sound familiar? I wasn’t alone. 

Many of my peers were also experiencing the same kind of overwhelm, and on the verge of slipping back to the old familiar way of offline sales and marketing…

…giving in to the frustration, even though what we were really hoping for was a way to build a successful business with a fully functioning website and streamlined, automated marketing system.

I took a ton of courses, but funny thing – it seemed that every training I took only gave me a piece of the puzzle and that is exactly what stops most people from forging ahead, not having all the elements necessary to make it all work… 

efficiently, effectively – like an extension of you!

There’s an incredible power with the Internet and I wanted to learn how to leverage that power so that I was not just trading hours for dollars. I wanted to build a scalable, sustainable business and I wasn’t the only one. Yet…over and over again the same issues came up:

How do you create a business online that…

  1. Is easy to setup without needing an army of scientists, a web developer, a designer and a psychiatrist!
  2. Has systems in place that actually streamline and automate the online process.
  3. Is quickly found in the search engines.
  4. Attracts your ideal clients.
  5. Actually works without sacrificing your sanity.

After many courses, plenty of trial and error and a whole lot of run around I decided it was time to jump off the hamster wheel of frustration and create a step-by-step course that simplified the process of building a business online.

Now here is the thing

…what I know from personally taking  my business online, building a content marketing company and creating an online guide in the corporate travel industry is that there is a way to simplify the entire process of building your business online and leverage the true power of the Internet.

Flash forward….I finally had my systems in place, online and….ready, drum roll please, successfully bringing me business – regularly.

In this video course I show you (not tell) actually show you the exact steps I took to build a business to MULTIPLE six figures a year, and growing!

A little secret, I’m by no means a techie. Just ask my children; I always need their help to work the TV remote!

But…I created a digital publication specific to the hospitality industry which attracted advertisers such as Marriott, Hilton, and JDV Hotels and helped fuel my event production company:  I also have a content development division and a  coaching business for new entrepreneurs  Did it take some time? Absolutely! Did I get overwhelmed? Absolutely!

There was nothing I could find that gave me an honest introduction to all the tools that were necessary. I’d get bits and pieces, but not everything in a simple, practical easy to follow system that would help me get there.

Sure I could hire a web developer, and I did, but was my site fully optimized (and by that I mean really working for me) helping to extend my visibility online?

Is your site working for you?

Take a good look at your own site  (if you have one)

  • Is it fully optimized?  You may be thinking, “Optimized? Kim, what does that even mean?”  It’s important if, you want to grow your business.
  • Is it leveraging the power of the internet?
  • Are your systems streamlined?
  • Does it allow you to work more efficiently?

Most sites are not. That’s because there is no regulatory commission on web development, which means you may not be getting all the pieces of the puzzle to really make your business stand out online.

Have you ever noticed the discrepancy in pricing between web development companies – it’s HUGE!

The funny thing is you can set up your own website in an afternoon, yes REALLY an afternoon.  The hardest part and the most time consuming is creating the content (optimized content, that is) to fill your site, but…don’t fret I show you exactly how to quickly create content even if you HATE to write!

I created this course, to simplify the entire process of building your website and presence online, so you can reach more clients, make more sales and get on with the business and lifestyle you desire.

And…the best part…

You can forget about those “nothing but theory or fluff” tactics that leave you feeling  overwhelmed and frustrated.

Instead you’ll learn the proven system that takes you step-by-step through the complete online system setup:

  • Shows you how to set-up and customize your website (or change out your theme) so you attract the attention of Google and get found in the search engines!
  • Gives you the exact tools (and shows you how to set them up – we do not leave you stranded here) to create a fully functional website with all the bells and whistles in place so we can put your site to work for you!
  • Provides you with a marketing plan that will connect you with your ideal clients. I also show you tricks of the trade and share marketing tips that will quickly help you build credibility & visibility within your industry and expand your online presence.
  • Quickly create content – YES! I show you how to quickly create content for your site … even if you HATE to write!
  • Effective marketing techniques – You’ll know how to market without an “in-your-face”  approach!
  • Promote without sounding braggadocios or just plain sales-y.
  • Automate the process – We’ll put your entire marketing system on autopilot because, Hey, let’s face it, you’re not just a one-dimensional human. You want a thriving business that allows you help others and enjoy life.

If you are just starting out, or already have a business (offline or online) or if you’ve wanted to build a business online, you’ll quickly learn AND put the absolute key items in place that you need to create a thriving business online.

Even some of my multimillion-dollar clients paying so-called ‘experts’ were just throwing money out the window because they didn’t have these steps down.

But…. they do now, and so will you!

Even if you hate writing, marketing and promotion – you’ll love this system.



This is the easiest & most complete system I’ve ever encountered to not only create my website (which I love) but understand and implement all the steps necessary to build my business. From the beginning I was nervous about how I could make my dream come to life; but when I saw that Kim was offering this course, I couldn’t pass it up and I am so glad that I trusted my instincts. She walks you through each step and makes it quite effortless for the non-tech savvy people like myself. I started completely from scratch and she was able to not only help me get clear with my vision and purpose for my business, but go from a totally blank canvas that started as just an idea, to getting my website up and running within less than a week (even while working over 40 + hours per week)!  I now have a full-fledged business with paying clients. Grateful!  ~ Cierra Dawn Marie,

Kim simplifies the complex, making it easy to understand & set up a business online, from the website to the marketing to the actual sale, Kim walks you through each process with detailed training – it truly is like a paint-by-numbers system.  There’s so much more to having a lifestyle business than just setting up a website – this course is the complete deal. ~ Mimi Rose,

A huge thank you!  While we are still putting some touches on our site, the main goal has been achieved – get a site up with products listed so we could get our product out to the world.  Now, we’re finally able to take and fulfill orders online.  We have all systems connected, marketing arms in place and product is moving.  The Online Business Cheat Sheet was so easy to follow, pretty sure it cut our learning curve in half.  ~ Victor & Brett


What’s included?

Here’s what you get:


10 Modules of Over-the-Shoulder, Step-by-Step Video Instruction – no joke this is a paint by numbers system!


3 BONUSES to help keep you on track, and moving forward, Regular updates, support and tutorials.


Module 1: Getting Started

This module contains 3 short lessons that will have you choosing your domain, setting up your hosting (without paying for all the add-ons that you DO NOT NEED at this stage) and installing the template that we’ll build your site on.

Module 2: Customizing Your Website

We’ll figure out if a website is using WordPress and if so, just what WP template it is using. We’ll then preview the 2 templates will be working with for your website.  And…we’ll set up the key elements on your site, including the layout, the pages and navigation tabs.

Module 3: Personalizing your Site

We’re about to get personal – with your site that is!  In this module, we’ll add graphics to your website.  you can use your own images or choose from free stock images.  No need to hire a designer, you can easily do this.

Module 4: Connecting Important Tools

In this module we’ll add the key ingredients to help grow your business!  These are the must have tools (they’re free) that will help increase the functionality of your site, very important indeed!!

Module 5: Giving Voice to Your Site

We’ll begin adding content, images and videos to make our site uniquely ours!  This Module contains three lessons that will have you creating your ABOUT page (very important), your first blog post and the correct way to add videos & images to your site!


Module 6: Connecting with Your Clients

In this lesson, we’ll set up your client database and connect it to your website. After all, you’ll need to know who is opening your emails and actually reading them.This is how you will communicate with your prospects and/or clients and grow your business.

Module 7: Changing Your Website Template

In this lesson, we’ll change out the website template just in case we decide we’d prefer a different look – now that you have all the key ingredients in place,you’ll be surprised how quickly you can do this!

Module 8: Working with Keywords (to find your clients)

In this module we’ll learn how to use specific keywords and phrases to build our visibility and attract potential clients. NOTE: This is a key lesson, understanding keywords and how to use them will have a tremendous impact on the success of your business online.

Module 9: Creating Optimized Content & Guides

This module gives a jump start to getting found in the search engines. We’ll learn how to create content that gets noticed along with guides we can use as lead magnets.

Module 10: Repurposing & Monetizing Content

Getting your message, product, service out to the world is crucial to the success of your business. While you don’t need to become a prolific writer to have a successful business, you do need to know how to use your content to get your expertise noticed, build credibility and get clients, lucky for you that is exactly what you’re going to learn in this module.

But wait, there’s more 🙂 



1.) Private FB group with Q & A Fridays

I’m a firm believer that support is key to success, which is why I offer the private FB group for course members and weekly Q & A sessions.  I want you to get this done, I want you to succeed.

2.) BOOK: How to Quickly Create Content Even if You Hate to Write

One of the most difficult parts of a website is getting your content in place and keeping up with consistent content on your blog, which is a key source for building your audience as well as your credibility.  This book shows you exactly how to create content quickly and efficiently.

3.) How to Monetize your site with Affiliate Products

You may not have a product or service of your own, especially when you’re just starting, but that doesn’t mean you can’t earn money from your website. As an “Affiliate”, you’re basically promoting someone else’s product or service. They get the sales and customers, and you get a commission. This module shows you how to find and promote affiliate products/services.


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Will I have to buy other items besides the course in order for this to work?

You will have to purchase a domain and hosting (if you currently do not have either).  Plan on about  $1.00 – $10.00 USD for a domain (one time fee) and about $5.00 – $10.00 USD per month for hosting.

You will also need an autoresponder, these run about $10.00 – $20.00 USD per month depending on the service you choose.  MailChimp has a free service you can easily get started with. (We go through options in Module #6).


Do I need to know coding or how to do analytics?

No, absolutely not. This course is designed to be user friendly and easy to follow.

If I get stuck, is there a support desk or a contact number?

Yes, absolutely there is a contact email along with a contact form and a weekly Q&A session – we want you to succeed!

I don't have a lot of time to learn something new, how long will this take?

Each module is between 15 – 30 minutes long. You will probably need to plan an hour to go through each module, especially since you may stop, rewind or pause to get things in place.  You may want to watch the module first then start implementing the steps.

The amount of time will vary depending on how much time you decide to spend on customizing your site and creating content.  I included the guide showing you just How to Quickly Create Content…Even if you HATE to Write in th bonus section.  My suggestion is that you review that guide prior to Module 5, as we will be working with content in that module.

What if I decide the program is not for me?

You are covered.  I offer a 30-day back money guarantee. I’m confident you’ll enjoy and learn techniques that will grow your business.