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Need a website?

Going to attempt it yourself?





I’ll bet you’ve looked at online tutorials, a few youtube videos perhaps or even read several blogs on the subject and now….your head is  spinning.

You need hosting and a platform and a theme. Which do you use? Do you need a blog or a full blown website? Opt-in pages? Widgets? Plug-ins? Ugh – Please someone speak my language.

Web designers can be expensive. Especially when you’re just starting out and have no idea what you need in order to make your website truly shine and…more importantly WORK for you!

You know you need a website, but you don’t exactly have $1000 (let alone $5000, which is what it can end up costing by the time you get through all the necessary add-ons) to pay someone to make one for you.

Even if you consider yourself to be the best DIYer, the idea of attempting a website on your own can be a little intimidating, especially when you’re first starting out.

Even with the so called ‘free’ website builders, which at first glance seem like a great option, until you set one up, then…..

You soon realize UGH there are no options to add the necessary software tools that make your site really work for you – and that’s just plain FRUSTRATING!

The ideal website is one that has all the tools and systems in place which allows you to work smarter NOT harder, and that’s always a good thing.

When I first started to venture into the online world, I hired a web developer at a special rate I received at a conference.  My site ended up looking like I had a dental practice, nothing wrong with that except that… I’m not a dentist!!

Partly my fault though, because I was the one feeding the developer information as to the colors and fonts I Iiked. Things were clearly misinterpreted. The point is that I had to do a ton of leg work, then tell my contact what I preferred, who told her designer, who told the tech team, and then I’d have a final project that was nothing like I had envisioned, it was like a game of Operator.

And..if I wanted to make a quick change to something on my site…Fuhgettaboutit, it’d take days to get anything done.

Enough was enough

I figured I’d better learn this stuff so I could really get a handle on my business.  And, then it began searching and listening, reading, watching I was headed down a dark and dare I say – scary rabbit hole of a tangled web mess.  OUCH.  There had to be a better way  – so I created it – YES, you’re welcome!

I designed this course the way I like to learn, simple, easy to follow,  STEP-BY-STEP with VIDEO TUTORIALS.

By the end of this course, you’ll have a shiny new website, customized along with your initial content – your ABOUT page, which you’ll receive guidance on writing, your first BLOG post – optimized in order to be found in the search engines, your social media connected so you can easily and quickly share your expertise!

In order to build a website that truly works for you, there are a few key elements that will be crucial to your success, not just with your website but with your business in general.

You must have a solid foundation in place on which to build your business, for that reason I ask that you take the initial training and complete the guides, doing so will help you immeasurably regardless of the type of business you have.  The precursor to this course will set you up for long term success and make the entire process of building your presence online much more streamlined.  You can access the initial training HERE!

I get it!  I know how frustrating it is trying to figure out all this online, ranking, SEO, blogging, social media stuff because I’ve lived it.


Why did I create THIS COURSE?

It was born out of well, shall we say… a bit of frustration (that’s a kind way of putting it, hah!!). I have an event production company, which I wanted to expand online, and talk about overwhelm – geez…

I had no idea there was such a huge learning curve. I had plenty of emails hitting my inbox telling me how easy it was to set up my website and market my business online, and plenty of companies offering their services or their training.

There was so much information to know, so many steps to take, and a ton of new language – hosting, platforms, SEO, widgets, H-tags, embedding,

UGH, no wonder why 98.7 % of new business owners say that the tech is the number one thing preventing them from expanding their business online.


Many of my peers were also experiencing the same kind of defeat….

…we were throwing our arms up in frustration, even though what we really hoped for was a fully functioning website with all the bells and whistles in place, giving us a solid, genuine presence online, and one that we’d be proud to share.


How do you create a Website (one that ACTUALLY gets noticed) and…

  1. Is easy to setup without needing an army of scientists, a web developer, a designer and a psychiatrist!
  2. Has the systems in place to help you connect with your audience.
  3. Is quickly found in the search engines.
  4. Is filled with content and images.
  5. Allows you to connect with your ideal audience
  6. Actually works without sacrificing your sanity.
IN THIS TRAINING PROGRAM, we’ll be creating your website, connecting the tools NECESSARY to help promote your site, determine & create your unique systems for buildING your audience, and we’ll set it all up on autopilot.

A little secret, I’m by no means a techie. Just ask my children; I always need their help to work the TV remote!

But…I now have a website & digital publication specific to the hospitality industry which attracts advertisers such as Marriott, Hilton, and JDV Hotels.  I have a content development company and a sales and marketing consulting business as well as my online courses. Each of which are built on the same platforms we use in this course.

Is your site working for you?

Take a good look at your own site  (if you have one)

  • Is it fully optimized? Are you thinking, “Kim what the heck what is optimization?” It’s important.
  • Is it leveraging the power of the internet?
  • Are your systems streamlined?
  • Do you even have systems?
  • Does your site allow you to work more efficiently?

Most sites are not. That’s because there is no regulatory commission on web development, which means you may not be getting all the pieces of the puzzle to really make your business stand out online.

Have you ever noticed the discrepancy in pricing between web development companies – it’s HUGE!

The reality is that you can set up your own website in an afternoon, yes REALLY an afternoon.  The hardest part is creating the content (optimized content, that is) to fill your site, but…don’t fret I show you exactly how to quickly create content even if you HATE to write!

I created this course, to simplify the entire process of building your website and presence online, so you can share your talent and do what you do best, without the complicated Tech headache!

And…the best part…

You can forget about those “nothing but theory or fluff” tactics that leave you feeling like you’ve just crammed for a NASA worthy space launch yet with nothing to show for it.

Instead you’ll learn the proven system that takes you step-by-step through the complete process of setting up your site and boldly, confidently creating your presence online.

  • Shows you how to set-up and customize your website (or change out your theme) so you attract the attention of Google and get found in the search engines!
  • Gives you the exact tools (and shows you how to set them up – I do not leave you stranded here) to create a fully functional website with all the bells and whistles in place so we can put your site to work for you!
  • How to easily create stunning graphics (including a logo and/or header image).
  • How to work with images and videos and how to set them up so they’ll get noticed!
  • Sets up your client database, so you can easily connect with your potential clients as well as existing clients. 
  • Automate the process – We’ll put your entire marketing system on autopilot, so you can focus on your business, your products, your services and building strong client relationships.

If you are just starting out, or already have a business (offline or online) and are ready to get your site up  and running successfully online than this course id for you.  

You’ll quickly learn AND put the absolute key items in place to create a website you can be proud of and one that actually works like an extension of you! 


What’s included?

Here’s what you get:


Seven Modules of Over-the-Shoulder, Step-by-Step Video Instruction – YES this TRULY is a paint by numbers system!
Getting Started

This Module contains 3 short lessons that will have you choosing your domain, setting up your hosting (without paying for the upsets – you DO NOT NEED at this point) and installing the template that we’ll build your site upon.

Customizing your Website

We’ll figure out if a website is using WordPress and if so, just what WP template it is using. We’ll then preview the 2 templates will be working with for your website.  And…we’ll set up the key elements on your site, including the layout, the pages and navigation tabs.

Personalizing your Website

We’re about to get personal – with your website that is! In this Module, we’ll be adding graphics to our website!  You can use your own photos or pull from free stock images, plus I’ll show you how to create stunning graphics in just a matter of minutes, no need to pay a designer – you can do this yourself and quickly!

Connecting Important Tools

In this module we’ll add the key ingredients to help grow your business!  these are the must have tools (they’re free) that will help increase the functionality of your site, very important indeed!!

Giving Voice to Your Site

We’ll begin adding content, images and videos to make our site uniquely ours!  This Module contains three lessons that will have you creating your ABOUT page (very important), your first blog post and the correct way to add videos & images to your site!

Connecting with Your Clients

In this lesson, we’ll set up your client database and connect it to your website. After all, you’ll need to know who is opening your emails and actually reading them.This is how you will communicate with your prospects and/or clients and grow your business.

Changing Website Templates

In this lesson, we’ll change out the website template just in case we decide we’d prefer a different look – now that you have all the key ingredients in place,you’ll be surprised how quickly you can do this!


Website in a Weekend


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You get immediate access to the complete Website in a Weekend course.

  • 7 Over-the-shoulder video modules
  • PDF Guide – “How to Quickly Create Content Even if you HATE to Write”
  • Weekly Q&A sessions for ongoing support & cheers!!

All this and…I’ll be cheering you on until you hear – “Hey good looking  – website that is”!!!

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The monthly payment plan also gives you access to the complete Website in a Weekend course.

  • 7 Over-the-shoulder video modules
  • Bonus: “How to Quickly Create Content Even if You HATE to Write!”
  • Weekly Q&A sessions for ongoing support & cheers!!

All this and…I’ll be cheering you on until you hear – “Hey good looking  – website that is”!!!

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Scholarship: Complete the course in 30 days and I'll cover have your tuition!

Do I need to purchase other items in order for my site to work?

You only need to purchase your domain name and hosting, both are inexpensive and I show you exactly what you need when you’re just starting out in order to keep the pricing quite low.

Do I need to have a logo for my website?

No, many people have a hard time deciding on just what they want their logo to look like.  Don’t let that keep you from moving forward. You actually don’t even need a logo – your business name is enough.  But, I do show you an easy way to create a logo for free, if you’d like.

Can I really get my website up and running in a weekend?

Absolutely!  The portion that takes the longest is creating content for your site – hence the bonus I give you, which is filled with ways to quickly create content – even if you hate to write.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes, Website in a Weekend comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.  Try it, if you don’t believe you’re getting value for you dollar, I’ll refund your purchase price, but you must be doing the work.  If you purchase the course and never bother to go through the training than you’ll never know if you’re getting value.